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Friday, January 13, 2012

Another 660

Jan8-220 ,jan10-220 Jan 11-220

Total push ups/chins 380,130

Logged a few push ups and chins this week. As I mentioned on my other blog I am doing 200 push ups 20 chins and 200 deep knee bends as a warm up for whatever other working out I do that day. If you have read my other blog you will have heard about my Abs by April program and that right now I am really interested in hitting a daily target for calorie burn. I am doing whatever I can to hit the burn number. Push ups and chin up are great at burning calories but doing them daily for an hour or more can really burn you out quick. There is nothing magic about the 220 (200 push ups and 20 chins). I just chose this so I would have some kind of daily target to hit. I think I will likely work this up to about 300 a day. Nothing magic about this number either but it just seems like when I am averaging about 300 push ups a day people seem to notice and ask me if I am working out or something. Anyway here is another 660 push ups/ chins towards my goal of doing a million push ups/chins.

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