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Friday, March 16, 2012

One million-One year

Mar 6-164,mar8-164,mar 11-174,mar12-701,mar 13-534,mar 14 -798

total push ups /chins 392,203

I have been considering the link I posted about a month ago. Enrique Treviño is planning on doing one million push ups in a year. That works out to 2732 push ups a day. My goal to hit a million push ups and chins has taken a few years now -I am wondering if I could ever hit these kind of numbers. Or really if I wanted to hit one million push ups/chins from where I am now I would really only need to do about 1665 per day. I could be at my million by Mar 16 2013 if I am able to do 1665 push ups and/ or chin ups a day. We that is only about 5 to 10 times the amount I am averaging per day right now. I am not ever sure if I could do that many push ups in a day. I think this Saturday I might try to do a trial and see how many push ups and chins I can do in a day. Gotta figure out if 1665 a day is even reasonable.

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