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Sunday, March 25, 2012

High Reps

Mar 16-260,Mar-17-1673,Mar18-2378 Mar19-1878,Mar20-1721,Mar21 -114,Mar22-100,Mar24-114,Mar 25-200

total push ups/chins 400,641

As you may have noticed I had some days where I hit some pretty good daily numbers for push ups and chins. I was trying to see if I could sustain high numbers of push ups and chins for a week or more. I was thinking if I could do a week steady at numbers higher than 1600 a day, I might be able to take a run at making it to my goal of a million push ups and/or chins within a years time. All was going fairly well, most days it was taking me at least 90 minutes sometimes more to get over 1600 in a day. Somedays these totals were actually achieved over two workouts in a day. I did decide to ramp it back a bit for two reasons. The first reason was my elbow and shoulder were sore all the time. I figured I was likely risking an injury that could sideline me from my goal all together. The other reason to ramp it down a bit was just plain old boredom. Knowing that I was trying to do at least 1600 push ups and chins in a workout was a little daunting. After a few days it was getting harder and harder to get motivated for a workout. I realize that some days I did well over 1600 reps, but really once you get started it wasn't a big problem to keep going. I was just worried that I would start to avoid some workout days altogether. Anyway, I know I can hit high numbers for a few days in a row. I am going to build back up to 300 or so a day. My elbow is still a little sore at the beginning of a workout -so I might keep it around 100 or so reps a workout for a few more days. I might just through the odd 1000 rep day in here and there just to get my total a little closer to the million mark.

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