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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I sure would like to hit that 500k point this year

July8-348,July10-365,July12-264, July 17-312,July18-325,July 19-309,July21-187,July 22-345,July 24-122.,July 25-99
total push ups/chins 410,026

It seems like each time I post it is to give a quick update because I haven't posted in so long. Well here we go again. Anyway as you can see I have had some good days and some no push up/ chin ups days. As I have had a few good days I figured it was time to update the total. Still determined to hit my goal of one million push ups and/or chins but it seems on a day to day basis sometimes the goal is not top of mind enough. Anyway -I started running today. I have a treadmill and sometimes I will do a little cardio, but I wouldnt really consider myself a runner. Well I have been challenged to a 5 km race. There is a bit more of a story to it, but I will be posting more about it on my other blog.

Check it out.

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