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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Oct 24-417, oct 25-198,oct27-405,oct28-1053,oct29-1000,oct30-1006,oct31-1000

total push ups/chins 427,273
Thought it was time for a post. I have been trying to do a 1000 push ups and/or chins a day. I have managed to keep it up for a few days. It takes me at least an hour to 90 minutes to pump out a thousand, depending on how many are chins and how many are push ups. Chins are smaller sets so it takes me longer. Whenever I have tried to do days of 1000 I tend to burn out or hurt myself but it has been a few days in a row and  I am feeling not so bad. I am going to try to keep it up for a while and see if I adjust to the higher volume. I am away on business the next few days so we will see if I can keep it up in the hotel, or if there is a gym/fitness area.

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