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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ring Push Ups

Oct 20-615, Oct 21-239, Oct 22-324, Oct23-255

total push ups/chins 422,194
As I have been playing around a bit with Crossfit workouts, I decided to get myself a pair of rings. They are some sort of plastic rings with miltary webbing type straps. I don't think I could do a muscle up at this point so I have been using them to do ring push ups. I have them suspeded about 6 or 7 inches from the ground. A few sets of push ups on these rings is a great workout because you have to fight a bit while you are doing your push ups so that your arms don't flail out. They do provide a bit of motivation to do pretty strict controlled repetitions - the motivation being that you really don't want to fall straight onto your face. Maybe motivation, or maybe more accurately "fear" . Nonetheless the rings are adding a little variety to the push ups workouts. 

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