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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Post once or twice a week?

Sept 10-449, Sept 11-38, Sept 12-390

435,653 push ups/chin ups
As I have started up this blog after not posting for a couple of years- I figured I would need to figure out how frequently to post. It did occur to me that if I posted I did 300 push ups everyday, the content would be pretty boring pretty quick. I think I will try to post once or twice a week, and at the top as I have done here I will just list how many push ups and chin ups I have done on  each day. Underneath in large font and bold I will list my total push ups and chins towards my goal. I started out on September 9th and so far the progress is pretty good. September 11th I did a few chin ups before work and had intended to do some push ups and chins after work. I ended working late that night so I figured 38 more chin ups towards the goal was better than nothing.

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