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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Weekly post and Accountability Check in

Oct/24-180, Oct/26-409, Oct/27-484 ,Oct/28-330

Total Push Ups/chins 446,448

 Seemed like time for an update-just so you know how I am doing working my way towards a million. Not to mention if I stop posting I really won't be keeping myself all that accountable. In a way posting on this blog keeps me feeling like I have to log a couple hundred chin ups or push ups because you will be reading this. Someone asked me if push ups and chins ups were getting a little boring. The truth is I do a number of variations of both. For the most part I am doing shoulder width push ups and reverse grip chins, but I also do wide grip and narrow grip. My rule is I only count the reps towards the total if the exercise is at least as hard (or harder) than regular chins and push ups. I really gauge if an exercise is harder or easier based on how many reps I can do. For example I can do quite a few more bench dips than I can do in a set of push ups, so I wouldn't count bench dip reps in my total. This doesn't mean I don't do some of these exercises. Doing some exercises that are different -even if they are a little different keeps my daily workouts from getting boring. Below is a video of one of those easier variations that I might throw in to keep things interesting.

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