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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Assisted Levers and Lever Pull ups

Oct 29-402, Nov 2 - 150

total push ups/chins 447,000

        I threw up another video of another variation of an exercise I like to do. Again I usually do this in addition to my regular push ups and chins ( that is I don'tr count reps of this exercise in my total).Levers are a great exercise as they work the core as well as really working the back. The advantage of this exercise over regular pull ups is that in chins or pull ups the arms/ biceps are the weaker muscle in the chain. They tend to fail before you can fully burn out the lats or back muscles. With the levers you almost eliminate the arms from the exercise and completely stress the back muscles. The down side of levers or lever pull ups is that they are a little harder to do, therefore an assisted variation can help you build up your strength for this movement. Using bands can give you a little extra momentum needed to get in a few reps. I can do levers and lever chin ups but I can't do a lot of reps so I like doing an assisted variation so I can get some higher rep sets completed.

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