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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Another week of progress

Nov/3-375, Nov/4-400, Nov/5-150, Nov/6-300, Nov/7-55

Total push ups/chins 448,280

Well it hasn't quite been a week since I last posted but I figured I was due for an update. Things have been fairly busy at work but for the most part I am getting my chin ups or push ups done by getting up earlier. This gets them done and out of the way before you get too busy or are too tired or lazy at the end of the day. In general this has worked pretty well for me, except the odd time were I have a really early morning meeting. I have had a couple of those in the last two weeks , so it seems really tough to get up at 4am to do push ups. Anyway still making steady progress towards the goal of one million push ups/chins. 

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