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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

300 to 500 reps on average

Nov/8-60, Nov/10-487, Nov/12-168, Nov/13-144, Nov 17-342, Nov 18-262, Nov/20-328, Nov/21-442,Nov/22-465, Nov 23-403

total push ups/chins 451,381

I figured this was a pretty good time for an update as it has been a couple of weeks. I am trying to do chin ups and push ups every day but the reality is sometimes life gets a little busy. The last few days have been pretty good for numbers and consistency. I have been doing about a half hour each morning of chin ups and push ups before I go to work. I have been aiming for between 300 and 400 reps. I find that if I average about 300 chins or push ups a day- I notice a difference. When I look in the mirror I can tell that I have been working out. In the past when I have been averaging about 500 reps a day -that is when other people start to notice a difference and ask me if I have been doing something different or have been working out more. Usually in the morning I get up an make my own special concoctions. I fill a one liter drinking bottle with water and throw in some creatine and BCAAs. I sip this between super-sets of chins and push ups. If you want to know why I am using these two supplements you can click the link below and I will explain it in this video. Anyway I am going to try to average closer to 500 a day, it is nicer to notice the difference yourself- but other people making comments is kind of nice too. 

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