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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Almost half a million

Nov/24-416, Nov/25-320, Dec/1-254, Dec/5-180, Dec 7-240 ,Dec/8-377

total push ups/chins 453,368

This morning I was excited when I decided to do this update post and realized how close I was getting to a half a million push ups and chins. I was getting ready to pledge to get to a half a million by Christmas, but then I stopped and did the math. If I was going to get to a half a million by December 25th I would need to do over 2743 push ups or chin ups by Christmas - I am not sure i have that in me. Nonetheless at this rate I should hit half a million early in the New Year- that is pretty good right? Anyway I am determined to try to consistently hit some good numbers so that i hit the 500,000 mark before we hit spring. Around work we are always having volunteer bakers making treats or having our supporters show up with chocolate and treats around this time of year- so I certainly can use all the physical exercise I can get. Right now I am doing about 30 minutes of supersets of push ups and chin ups most mornings. So of the days that I am posting slightly lower daily totals I am doing bur-pees super-setted with chin ups or pull ups. I am doing burpees ( yes like everyone else I hate burpees too- but they are a great full body conditioning exercise)  some days to keep things interesting , and of course I am doing burpees with a push up.

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