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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Competition with Yourself

weight 199,bf%21
calories left to burn 42532

The competition is and has always been against yourself.
Ollie Cooperwood

I posted the quote above -because I thought what else is the goal to do a million push ups and chins-but a goal against yourself. The blog keeps me honest. Can't be too many people out there reading this-but the thought that someone might be out there checking on the numbers- keep me pushing and posting.
Average daily push ups/chins per day is now at 260 per day.Still trying to drive that average up each day. The calorie deficit (calories burned over calories eaten) is a little harder to obtain when you are driving the grams of protein up-althought really eating lots of crap on the side isn't helping either. It is Saturday today so I am hoping to get in a good workout or two. We will see what kind of numbers I can get today.

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