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Friday, November 19, 2010

Two week haitus

Nov 3-16-2691
total push ups/chins 326,386
weight 195.8 bf 19.7
Well I haven't posted in about two weeks. I sort of fell off the push ups band wagon for a while there. Instead of posting my day by day numbers for push ups/chins I just posted the total for the last two weeks. Mostly I did this because some of the days were pretty pathetic . Nonetheless I am using this post as a punctuation mark to the string of bad push up/chin up days and to jump back on the band wagon. Today I will post a good number. My LEANSCALE is still my best friend (when it tells me good things and today it is telling me good things). Last time I posted I was at 155.77 pounds of lean mass-today I am at 157.23 pounds. My fat mass was 39.43 pounds on the last post- today I am at 38.57.

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