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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Occam's Protocol versus the Cheat Day

total push ups/chins 341,489
weight 199.2 bf%20.8
Yesterday I weighed in and my bf % was back up to 22%. Despite having a cheat day and eating (and drinking )pretty much whatever I wanted yesterday my Bf% dropped back down to under 21 percent this morning- you have got to love that. Yesterday by about 5:30 pm (the time our New Years Eve guests were arriving) I had eaten 200 grams of protein, After this point I really just stopped keeping track of what I was eating. I must of consumed between 5000-6000 calories during the entire day, but despite that my weight and bf% dropped. I did a ten minute workout in the morning, other than that no significant calorie burn-I like this Occam's Protocol thing so far. Progress to date -up 4.73 pounds of lean and down 2.17 pounds of fat since Dec 2oth. So far that is an average of about 0.43 pounds of lean gained a day.

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